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Promotion and Tenses


In managing a system comunicatin market we are need strategy and effective and efficient sales program. Promotion by satisfied customers is the best sales promotion. So, the promotion needs to be handled carefully because the problem is not merely a question on how to communicate with customers but about how much it cost to be adjusted to the conditions and capabilities of the company.

Promotion is activity for  giving  information and sugestion to people or costumer until  extracted to make transaction buying product.

Sales promotion consists of long-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of  product or service. If advertising give an excuse to buy a product or service, the sale promotion is giving the reasons “why we should buy now?”. Sales promotion describes the incentives and prizes to make consumers buy the product . 

We need promotion for increase profit. This is reason why do we need promotion :
  • Introduce about the product or the brand of the product to the public.
  • Influence people to buy and use the products of a particular company or brand.
  • To remember people do not forget about a certain product or brand.

There are kind of promotional activities:
  • Advertising, is activity offers a product to consumers for buying a product by using a variety of media
  • Personal Selling, is promotion by presentation product to costumer or visit to the consumer by a salesperson.
  • Publicity, make news about product (mostly scientific). About the products in media, or result of interview in the media. This method is excellent for introducing your company or products, because the publicity can reach potential buyers .
  • Sales Promotion, offers a product with gives incentive to buy. The incentives is money, goods or other additional services that are usually not included with the product.

Promotion can make a business more famous and known by many people. If many people have know our  produc so many costumer would buy goods or services sold will be more. If many costumer we are opportunities to earn profit certainly will be more wide open and business will be larger.

Present Tenses and Past Tenses

Present  Tenses

Mr Jones sells his house. But he are not move to his new house. He is packing his clothes and book, things that he be love since he was married. Mrs. Jones have already pack her kitchen gadgets, too. She mostly loves her shiny sauce-pan. She be own it for more than ten years and it is still very shiny. All the neighbours are going to miss them. They been good neighbours fifteen years ago. But Mr. Jones is retiring now. The family want to live in a small house in another town narby. All the five childern have grown up too and lives in the city.

Past Tenses
Once upon a time there was a boy called Peter, who lived with his grandfather in a house beside a green meadow. In the forest nearby were all kinds of dangers.
“You must never go out into the meadow alone, Peter.” warned his grandfather one day. “The hungry wolf might come out of the forest and eat you up.”
Peter was not afraid. One sunny morning, he opened the garden and went out into the meadow. A little bird, “What are you doing allalone?”
“It’s such a lovely morning” said Peter “I’m going for a walk.”
Just then, a duck came waddling along on her flat webbed feet. She had followed Peter through the open gate and decided to take a swim in the pond nearby.



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